PS Logistics transports goods. Not only throughout Europe, but worldwide. We pick the goods up and deliver them to the right address, on time, always maintaining their quality. Time and quality are essential. Cooperation with PS Logistics is efficient: you can leave everything to us. The basis of our success is attention to detail and care for our business. Not just today but always!

No customer is too small

We respond to your logistics requirements with maximum effort, expertise and efficiency. We take care of the complete process, from the supply of goods up to and including distribution and all related matters. We are continually expanding the options for organising your storage, stock control, customs, transhipment and container handling requirements. Worldwide if necessary.

About us

Trust is the basis for cooperation

Businesses are increasingly focusing on their core activities. That is where their strength lies and what makes them stand out from the crowd. PS Logistics originated as a transport company with extensive international experience. Over time, PS Logistics has increasingly focused on alleviating its customers’ transport concerns by providing customised solutions and logistics services.
This has made PS Logistics a modern logistics service provider that directs and manages the logistics process. We are always ready to help our customers, even when things are difficult. Trust is the basis for cooperation.


The worldwide growth of the movement of goods and the need for more long-term logistics activities are increasing the complexity and dynamics of logistics processes. This produces a growing need for chain management concepts. PS Logistics wants to be the logistics director of choice for SME in this ever more complex logistics environment. PS Logistics is happy to act as partner to shippers, pursuing close and direct cooperation based on trust.
PS Logistics is part of a network of logistics service providers, each with its own expertise. We bring customers’ wishes and logistics solutions together. Cooperation on logistics and direct communication lines are our policy priorities, leading to cost savings for all parties.

Make the chain shorter and save on logistics costs

The operational teams of the shipping party and PS Logistics together form the core of the logistics assignment. All operational agreements are made on the basis of 1 on 1 contacts, directly and without the intervention of third parties. Every person is responsible for his own part of the supervision. This is how we make the chain shorter, the cooperation more organised and the costs lower: for both parties.


Aware of urgency and with an eye to detail

KShort lines and direct contact make the process quick and reliable. The relationship with our customers implies great involvement from both sides. This is not a simple process. Long-term relationships are based on consistently planning the transport properly, being aware of urgency and having an eye for detail. Every transport assignment starts with intensive consultation on how the transport will be handled. We discuss the various options, e.g. whether shipments can be combined, whether they are full or require customised transport. Optimal efficiency and flexibility are the basic principles.

Europe-wide network

Every destination within Europe is within reach France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK for services partial and complete orders Close cooperation with our Europe-wide network means efficient service, rapid transit times and safe delivery of your goods to the destination.

Always traceable

PS Logistics makes use of highly modern equipment which meets current technical and environmental requirements. Every transport can be traced everywhere, at any time, thanks to advanced GPS equipment.


Bringing wishes and requirements together

Warehousing is a connecting factor within the chain management concept. We bring customers’ wishes and logistics requirements together and provide support for storage, transhipment and packing. Ask us about our facilities for:

  • • Storage and transhipment
  • • Crossdocking
  • • Order picking
  • • Repackaging
  • • Customs facilities, including bonded warehousing

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